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On average 4 to 12 weeks before the wedding day, we schedule a test moment for the bridal make-up (and, if desired, also the haircut). During this trial session, we listen to all your wishes and desires and then convert them into your ideal bridal look. We provide the trial session at the desired location. We will also come to your home on the day of the wedding so that you can enjoy the preparations in peace.  

The makeup artist/hairstylist listens to all your wishes and desires and then she converts all that information into a suitable bridal look. All products and techniques used are carefully documented so that everything can be perfectly recreated on the wedding day. Afterwards you will also receive various beauty tips so that you will shine more than ever!


On the wedding day it is possible that we take care of your make-up (and haircut) at home. First we model the hair and then the make-up is applied. Depending on the style you have chosen, putting the hair up takes an hour.


We charge an average of 45 minutes for the make-up. The hairstyle is fixed with professional products. The make-up is also made long-lasting and even waterproof with the necessary primers and fixers.


Since the lip make-up disappears after a hearty meal, we will give you the lipstick as a gift. To be prepared for hot summer days and extreme perspiration, blotting paper is also included in the bridal package.


Do you prefer evening make-up or a slightly different hairstyle for the evening party? Or would you like an extra touch-up for the photo shoot? There are several economical formulas to hire a make-up artist for a whole day or to have your entourage and close relatives do make-up. A touch-up is not necessary but interesting if you want to build up the look throughout the day.  



Tip: book your trial and wedding date in time!

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